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Orange County Burrito Project   
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Our mission is to empower the community to become proactive agents of change, focusing on the multifaceted issues contributing to homelessness, and working together to create a path towards self-sufficiency for our homeless neighbors.

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Orange County's homeless population has reached a critical point and currently outnumbers all available shelter beds at a ratio of approximately 10:1, with the latest numbers showing that homelessness is on the rise. 
We're here to change that!  Empowering members of the community to come out and share a moment with our homeless neighbors by sharing burritos.

But sharing our burritos is only a small part of what we hope to accomplish.  With your help we can mobilize desperately needed case management services and create environmentally sustainable whole person care centers to begin to fill to the gaps in the available services. 

Following the success of our Community Street Outreach events, where thousands of volunteers hand delivered over 8,000 burritos to the homeless of Orange County; alongside thousands of bottles of water, hygiene kits, articles of clothing & pairs of shoes; we aim to continue these community based events as a means to provide direct aid to our homeless neighbors and to educate the public about how our communities can change the status quo.

Dreaming bigger than our burritos, our goal is to provide our homeless neighbors in Orange County with a whole person care facility focused on mental health and substance abuse programs, job and vocational skills training, legal-aid services, as well as basic life skills support recovery of full and meaningful lives.


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