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We Run Orange County's Kids
We Run Orange County's Kids   
Children and Youth | Mission Viejo, CA |

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We Run Orange County’s Kids is a nonprofit, public-service corporation that provides after-school intervention programs for Middle and High School students in the Orange County, California area.

Based on the idea that life is like a Marathon, the mission of We ROCK is to teach our community’s teenagers the important life skills of goal setting, self-reliance, discipline and self-confidence through the design and delivery of instructional programs focused on the proper training for, and completion of, a marathon.


As an organization, We Run Orange County’s Kids is committed to providing:
  • Education and ongoing exposure to the most up to date health, nutrition and physical fitness information available via the latest in medical research.
  • Training for our runners, staff and volunteers to ensure that our participants carry these life lessons with them into, and throughout, adulthood.
  • Support for our teams by involving the families and community members of the participants in the training, mentoring and motivation of our runners.
  • Encouragement to empower Orange County’s youth to accomplish goals well beyond the scope of a 26.2 mile run.

We Run Orange County's Kids EIN: 800209885
30 Mulholland Court , Mission Viejo, CA, 92692