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My name is Brinkley and I am 6 years old.  I may be little but I can make a BIG difference with your help.

Help me reach my goal of delivering 550 Wheelchairs to people in need this year.  

Watch my video and learn more about why this cause is important.


Did you know…

In developing nations, the World Health Organization estimates that 70 million people are in dire need of a wheelchair yet lack the resources to obtain one. Many are forced to live on the ground or to wait to be carried. 

For $80 a wheelchair can be built, shipped, and delivered across the world, lifting someone up off the ground and transforming a life for good through the wonderful organization called Free Wheelchair Mission.

• Wheelchairs provide mobility, and mobility changes everything.

• Mobility means independence– the ability to participate in society and earn a living.

• Mobility renews dignity, lifting people off the ground and into a new life.

Without mobility, opportunities to pursue an education and employment are limited, and the cycle of economic strain continues.

The solution is simple.

The wheelchairs are simple, cost-effective, and highly functional.


So lets do this together. Help me buy a container of 550 wheelchairs and deliver them to those in need.

Check regularly to the Givsum website as we document this journey and the recipients receiving YOUR gift of Mobility.

Because no-one should have to crawl.

Thank you for supporting me

xo Brinkley

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