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A request from the Rotary Club of Kiev Business
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$82,000 goal

Recently, the SunSpring Hybrid was named the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado for 2022.  The water purification system has its own solar panel and wind turbine to draw water from any source, remove all bacteria, viruses and cysts, and produce safe drinking water that exceeds the quality standards of the US EPA and WHO.  Best part is it can purify over 20,000 liters each and every day, off grid, serving over 10,000 per day

We need to build, ship and deploy a special configuration of the SunSpring to Ukraine.  The Rapid Response SunSpring lays flat in a standard truck bed, and articulates to an upright position to operate, with a ground-mounted tripod holding the solar panel and wind turbine to keep it safe from enemy targeting.  The articulating clamp around the base fits into a standard square receiver hitch on any truck. 

Global Water First, a Public Benefit company, has deployed dozens of these throughout the world and relies upon its dependable performances in harsh conditions.  We have been in talks with the Rotary Club of Kiev Business about this immediate need, as Russia continues to pound Ukraine's water and power infrastructure. We want to deploy at least two systems in February, so we need your support. 

Once hostilities end, these units will convert to permanent water purification enterprises run by women to provide families with safe, affordable drinking water for years to come, while offering gainful employment for ten residents at each facility. 

Cost to build and deliver each Rapid Response SunSpring: $41,000

Needed to deploy two systems by February: $82,000

Total number requested by Civil Defense in Ukraine, 10 total systems: $410,000


Jon Kaufman

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