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Wednesday, July 19
Vessel renting
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When you rent an SCST vessel, please select a ticket depending on the classification of usage.  Since the number of days is not on the ticket, please use the number of attendees as if it read number of days. 

24 Supporters, Including:
Jim Wehan
Shawn Wehan
Bucky Bailey
Matthew Wehan
Shawn Wehan
“Gizzi family and Wehan friends half day sail. Rapsody and Sea Lark, June 25th, 2016. We had a great time and the boats worked perfect! ”
JF - “Jack here - Sailing Director from DPYC. Using personal email for confirmation! I'm unable to reserve 14/14 days - max on here is 10. So we will pay for 10 days in one transaction and then 4 in another.”
JF - “Jack Ferrier here - DPYC Sailing Director. Payment 2/2 (10 in the first payment, 4 in the second payment for a total of 14 days) Dec 27 - Jan 9th 2017.”
JF - “Reservation: Rhapsody 15th-19th. Thank you again, threw in a donation to show our appreciation and support!”
“One day-Rhapsody 3/18/17”
JF - “Sealark from 08/04 thru 08/08”

Mariner Sea Base   |   34451 Ensenada Place, Dana Point, CA 92629

Mariner Sea Base

34451 Ensenada Place
Dana Point, CA 92629
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