Charm Farm Refuge

Charm Farm Refuge   

Love Makes the Charm Go 'Round
Animal Protection and Welfare | Box Elder, SD

The Charm Farm is a modest farm that provides a safe and nurturing place for rescue animals as well as humans coping with trauma and difficult times. We provide positive human-animal interactions as a means of education and personal transformation while educating and nurturing our communities through cooperative work and creative play.

In everything we do, we strive to create a better and more peaceful world. We promote wellness in every form. We teach social and environmental responsibility and show individuals how they can make a difference in society and for our planet. Our primary goals are to promote wellness, both internal and external, and to teach a general understanding of the relationship between land, soil, plants, animals, people, and communities.

Rooted in humility and harmony with nature, we offer something for everyone – children, adults, the elderly, and those with all abilities. We offer a wide range of activities, from camps, overnight camping, events, animal-assisted therapy, hands-on animal education, equestrian therapy, and horseback riding lessons.

We integrate hands-on farming, in the form of gardening and animal care, with cooperative games and the exploration of nature for a memorable and diverse experience.

Everything we offer to our community comes from a core set of principles: environmental responsibility and stewardship, emotional and mental wellness, self-sustainability, healthy living, and care and respect for animals and humans alike. All those who visit our farm will have the opportunity to learn these skills and values. All activities are guided by caring staff who foster cultural and social understanding with a mind for cultivating ways to collaborate to achieve common goals.


The Charm Farm Refuge is a safe haven for animals and people that fosters mental and emotional wellness by providing animal therapy, interactive educational outreach programs, and adoption support services.


It is our vision that animals and people alike will learn to build trusting relationships with each other recognizing safety, security, overall mental wellness that comes from caring for one another.


The Charm Farm Refuge firmly believes that compassion for ALL life is the foundation for love, unity, and overall appreciation for life. We learn to have compassion for life through understanding how to properly care for each life, understanding the value and purpose for each life, and contributing to the survival of each life.

The Charm Farm Refuge is adamant about cultivating trusting relationships between the animal residents and human visitors to support the social and emotional wellness of both lives. Positive relationships are critical factors to lifelong health and happiness for all lives.


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14970 Eagle Ranch Road, Box Elder, SD, 57719, US