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The mission of Sweet Geeks Foundation is to extend a culture of care through generosity, compassion, and empathy by providing grants to local charities that address arts, youth homelessness, and cancer research; and provide experiences inspired by Kevin Jones’s life.  


A unique foundation that is a reflection of Kevin Jones's legacies of optimism, enthusiasm for life, and values of service by giving back to the community he loved and supported.   


Kevin Jones described best by his friends and family as a man who was genuine, kind, optimistic, adventurous, and as someone that always wanted to share all of the incredible experiences that life offered. What will be remembered most about Kevin’s legacy was his ability to bring people together with his generosity. Kevin was always looking to help out anyone he could and no matter how big or small the gesture he often did it quietly, never seeking credit. Many today will tell you of the ripple effect that Kevin created, inspiring those around him to pay it forward. Kevin held these values in everything he did and wanted to share these with everyone he met.  

Even though Kevin Jones is no longer with us physically, we now use Kevin’s values to incorporate his spirit into the foundation to continue his impact in the world. Sweet Geeks Foundation together with Evisions, the company Kevin created over 20 years ago, will continue to generously provide the incredible experiences that Kevin cherished giving while he was alive. In the same manner that Evisions was made successful, the foundation will bring together great people and their ideas to impact the community he held dear and inspire those in need. Through the foundation, Kevin’s spirit will live on.  


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