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Help Us Help Veterans!

Ongoing Event

We are an all-volunteer organization providing service to veterans and the underserved around the globe.

We let our members and donors decide where they would like their donations to go.




Veterans-Smiles in a Box

Provides dental services and supplies to Veterans in the United States

Veterans-Meals in a Box

Provides food and counseling in the Southern California Area Only

Oral Hygiene Initiative

Provides Oral Hygiene instruction and supplies in the United States and globally

Water Projects

We provide water filters around the globe where we have current projects going on.

Our volunteers hand carry the filters in their luggage to reduce shipping cost and also make sure the filters get to the families they are intended for.

Options to

Mexico ___

Panama ___

Lebanon ___

Inclusive Programs

We have specialized boats for quadriplegics, Blind veterans and others to help them get out of their wheelchairs and on the water.

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