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Friday, June 2 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Adult signup for Rank Advancement Advisement
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Out of Class Rank Advancement Requirements Signoff Program

1 hour opportunities for completing out of class rank advancement requirements will be available on Wednesday evenings during the season. These signoff sessions may be taken in any order. Each requirement session will be offered in such a way that a cooperative student will be able to complete the work in the time allotted.

On taking a ticket for a specific date, please continue as directed to the question concerning which requirements you feel comfortable in advising.  On a given night, we will match youth and adults depending on the availability of adults and the needs of youths requesting specific requirements to be signed off.

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Sailing and Event Center   |   Ensenada Place, Dana Point, CA 92629

Sailing and Event Center

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Shannon Harshman
Rank Adv / Class Instr VP

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