Saturday, June 17 | 12:00am
Beach Cleanup

$100 Raised

$1,000 goal

Coastal Cleanup Santa Monica 9:30am PST 6/17/2017 - 1:00pm PST 6/17/2017

Join us in our initiative for Plastic Free Seas! The ocean is home to the majority of life on our planet, it’s being polluted & it needs our help. The Xanadu Foundation 501C3 focuses on activating communities & educating them on green living & wellness in a fun & interactive way. Join in a day filled with group discussions, guest speakers, beach yoga & team building activities all while working together to make this world a more beautiful place. We are committed to…1. Grow a collective of conscious individuals that care about the future of our planet.2. Protect vital habitats of marine animals like sea turtles, birds, coral and whales.3. Fund major beach clean-ups in coastal communities.4. Spearhead cutting-edge ocean trash solutions.5. Revolutionize the way people think about plastics. 

Join the movement and  take action in being responsible for what you put out. Let us pledge to be plastic-free to protect our beaches and protect our sea.


9:30am Check-In
10:00am Yoga
11:00am Coastal Cleanup
12:00pm Dump & Discussion 
1:00pm Play

3 Supporters, Including:
Robert Kollar

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