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Big Sib Little Sib is a volunteer mentoring program in response to needs of families who have a child battling a critical healthcare condition.   We match our screened, trained and supported volunteers to siblings who are referred to us by social workers and staff from local non-profits and hospitals.   Mentoring lasts 1 year, spending 2-3 hours+/month together participating in activities in the community.  Activities might include playing games, creating an art project, taking sibs to the park or other age appropriate activities. 

Organization Details:  Allie's Helping Hands extends a helping hand and a listening heart to siblings of children with critical health conditions.  Siblings often get lost in the shuffle of these overwhelming circumstances and may feel a range of emotions including guilt, jealousy, fear, anxiety, confusion and isolation.  Allie’s Helping Hands brings new energy and a fresh perspective to strengthen and support siblings in their daily challenges.   Sign up today to be a volunteer and mentor today! 

Orange, California 92705
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Orange, California 92705