Mariners 936 Sea Scouts and Mariner Juniors
Thursday, July 26 | 4:00am – 10:00pm
Dues and Fees for Spring 2018
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Use this page for paying Mariner Junior and Mariner Dues and Fees. 

Mariners have the option of using earned Swabby from their personal account.  Mariners electing to pay with Swabby should choose the free "pay with Swabby ticket" and then click on the "add a donation" button with that ticket to pay the balance remaining after using Swabby.  Be sure to claim the ticket and then answer the accompanying questions.  The questions help us to understand your intentions.  We will make the Swabby deductions based on your answers.

Adult Advisors may choose any amount when paying for fees.  Adults paying less then the full amount should choose a free ticket and then "add a donation" button with that free ticket.

Mariner Juniors - minimum age requirement is 12 by November 1.  Mariners - minimum age requirement is 14 by November 1.


Mariner Youth are reminded that completion of classroom requirements from the previous season is a prerequisite for re-registering. Contact Shannon Harshman at 949-606-3015 for information or help if you have questions with regard to this requirement. Contact Skip at 949-338-9614 if you need financial help from the Denton Fund.

40 Supporters, Including:
Jim Wehan
DR - “Jr. Mariners for Nick and Jake Roess”
JM - “swabby balance of $588 Lily will graduate this year so no commitment fee paid as we will not be using it when credited back to swabby. ”
MK - “Paying for Mabel Keeler's Spring dues via swabby money: $650 for registration and End of Season competition (leaves a remaining $92 in the swabby account-not including ongoing swabby funds)”
NF - “Emma Feasey -- Mariner's Full Registration - $118 swabby creddit”
LG - “$198 in swabby. Paying by check for $200. Applying for financial aid for remainder.”
JT - “$480 in swabby”
TA - “For Olivia Atkins”
MS - “Thank you, Mariners -- especially to Ruth, who inspires Max Segal to be a better sailor while having a great time with his friends.”
CS - “$236.25 Balance due on membership. ”

Sailing and Event Center   |   34451 Ensenada Place, Dana Point, CA 92629

Sailing and Event Center

34451 Ensenada Place
Dana Point, CA 92629
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Ruth Fassett
Director for Mariner Juniors

Shannon Harshman
Mariner Registration

Mariners 936 Sea Scouts and Mariner Juniors Tax ID: 330052559