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Empower 25 Orphans to Thrive

September 21, 2018
1:00PM – 8:00PM PDT
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 In April 2018, four Integrous Women were provided the opportunity to go to Guatemala and learn from the children and staff at Esperanza y Futuro. This orphanage has created an environment to build hope for a better future in children seeking refuge. Physical and psychological abuse are forms of Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) experienced by the children 18 and under who live here. These ACEs, and other forms of abuse and neglect, are known to affect the children at he cellular level which in turn affects their future physical and psychological health

Sadly, all of the children of Esperanza y Futuro have faced such traumas. These are innocent children, who deserve to be heard and given hope.

Many of them, once they turn 18, are mandated to leave the orphanage and do not have the skills, education, or internal hope to survive on their own. We want to change that.

We are asking our community to help us raise funds that will go directly towards providing healing and sustainable education for these children. As a community, we can come together to create a real difference for these children. The orphanage is facing many detrimental challenges. Funds raised will go directly towards…

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