Mariners 936 Sea Scouts and Mariner Juniors
Tuesday, April 7 | 1:22pm – 2:00pm
Only for Mariners - Beach Cleanup

Hi Mariners!

On March 7th, during the Festival of the Whales, there will be a trash clean-up at Baby Beach that will take place from 1-5pm in which Mariners is going to participate in. For more details, please see the attached flyer. This is a great opportunity to get Mariners out there by having all of us clean up our local area while wearing our Mariner Blue! This event can also help gain up to 4 service hours. To sign up, RSVP through facebook,Givesum, or the sign-up sheets this Wednesday and next Wednesday.

 Hope to see you all there!

Rachael Tilly
Director - Mariner 936 Community Outreach

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Jim Talay
Advisor for Community Outreach

Rachel Tily
Director of Community Outreach

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