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Paperback book - The fallout of their WWII tragedies are the catalyst for most of the book.  However, this is much more than a Holocaust memoir.  This is a rich and detailed love story to which all can relate, a story of how two remarkable humans miraculously found one another, how they worked to heal the scars of their childhoods, and how they continued to teach redemption and reconciliation through their example.


At the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor December 7th, 2016, Kumu Michelle Manu (inducted into King Kamehameha I’s Royal Order on the same night) danced hula on the beach at Hickam Field on Oahu wearing Eddy Hoffman’s copper bracelet—later given to Rabbi Cooper at the Museum of Tolerance) and Salvatore Richiusa’s original Two-Hearts-As-One bracelet.

Photo Credit to Lynda Lee Photography

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Ode To Life E-Book
Ode To Life E-Book
Ode to Life, E-Prom
Ode to Life! The love story of Holocaust Survivors Eddy and Eveline Hoffman
Ode to Life! The love story of Holocaust Survivors Eddy and Eveline Hoffman
Paperback copy.

Cathy  Hoffman

Eddie Hoffman was a first cousin to my father. He was in the camps with many of my relatives who were ultimately murdered in, and during the Holocaust. Over the years he has shared numerous stories of before the war, and has shared first hand accounts of my grandparents, aunts , uncles, and cousins. Through Eddie, I was able to learn about each of these lost family members, what they were like before the war and what ultimately happened during the war and Eddie personally was able to bring them to life as much as he could to give me a sense of who they were , after having had those precious relationships stolen from me at the hands of the Nazi murderers. He also shared with me the first picture I ever saw of my grandparents which I cherish on our wall today. We too have interviewed him to preserve these memories forever, and he has just been a real source of comfort to all of us in the family. His memory is incredible and he is so willing to share his story. He is definitely looked upon as a living link to our very haunted past and we love him and Evelyn so much! Stan and Cathy Hoffman

Estelle Di Nunzio

I know Eveline & Eddy; they are a wonderful couple and their story continues to inspire me.


Suzanne Hoffman