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Hello! My Name is Fernanda Castelo. As a young woman, I was a dancer employed by the Disney Company. Today, my life is quite different. I am a spinal cord injury survivor of more than 20 years. I have faced this phase of life head on and made it my life's mission to live fully and educate others on life after a spinal cord injury.  My broad contributions include working as a test pilot for wearable eskoseletons, as a mobility device consultant, and as a project partner for human centered design and social impact development.  Along this journey I became impassioned by the spirit of sailing and am currently the President of California Inclusive Sailing, a nonprofit organization whose goals are to create partnerships with people of all abilities and improve quality of life.

My current goal is to continue to raise awareness about life after a spinal cord injury, specifically as it relates to the therapuetic and confidence enhancing sport of adaptive sailing.  Please help me spread my my message by donating today.  Your kindness will help me travel to educate and impassion others to live life fully!

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