Child Creativity Lab
Monday, March 6
Wine Tasting Fundraiser Committee Members Needed
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Join our Wine Tasting Event committee for a great non-profit organization to support. Help us plan and organize fun, impactful events for an amazing cause.

  • Great opportunity if you like parties and wine!
  • Short-term; chance to make fun, new friends.
  • Meet on-line and in person.
  • Starts early March and ends May 30th.

For more information: call Carol Stone at (714) 469-5055.


About the Child Creativity Lab:  The Child Creativity Lab's mission is to foster the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders through hands-on creativity-enhancing exploration. Today’s children become tomorrow’s visionaries.

The Child Creativity Lab offers educational programs that focus on creativity-enhancing stimulation and inspiration in alignment and in support of overarching California State Department of Education initiatives for pre-Kindergarten through 8th graders. These STEM-based programs are facilitated at the Child Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse and directly on-site at schools, after-school programs, libraries, community events, faith-based organizations, and more via the Child Creativity Lab Museum-on-Wheels initiative.

Child Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse Center   |   1815 E. Wilshire Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Child Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse Center

1815 E. Wilshire Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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