Arts for a Better Tomorrow
Arts for a Better Tomorrow   
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Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT) is a transborder nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that has undertaken the challenge to positively impact the lives of underprivileged youth. Founded by award-winning actor and humanitarian José Yenque, ABT harnesses the transformational and healing powers of the arts to effect real change in these young people’s lives and positive paths toward their future. Professionals from a diverse array of disciplines—including artists, social scientists, mental health specialists, university faculty—worked jointly to develop ABT’s curriculum. Key to our success is the integration of young ABT graduates into the decision-making and programming processes of the organization.


Arts for a Better Tomorrow harnesses the transformative power of the arts to provide underserved youth with life skills, coping tools, academic readiness, and a strategic path to a healthy, productive, and self-sustaining future.


A world where youth from diverse disadvantaged communities will have support and equitable access to a bright future.


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Jose Yenque
Executive Director

Arts for a Better Tomorrow EIN: 464468716
422 Western Avenue, #205, Los Angeles, CA, 90020, US