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AYUDA is a 501-c 3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide free dental care to underserviced individuals.

Our Mission:
As a non-profit charity, the object of AYUDA is to be actively engaged in and dedicated to improving and sustaining the oral health and social betterment of all underserved areas by providing assistance through treatment and training both within the United States and abroad.


Core Values:
As a private non-profit humanitarian dental, medical, research and educational organization, AYUDA’s mission is centered upon the 5 following concepts: 1) High ethical and professional standards, 2) Respect and appreciation for all people, 3) Highest quality care, 4) Commitment to compassionate service, and 5) Exchange of knowledge.

The formal founding of AYUDA in 1967 was preceded by several years of discussions by physicians and educators interested in improving the lives of the underserved in Latin America. Although many were involved with its inception, Dr. Melvin Lyman, Wilford LeCheminant, Stewart Durrant, and Spencer W. Kimball are considered as AYUDA’s forefathers.

AYUDA’s first project was established in the highlands of Guatemala where it created the country’s first rural junior high school, build a hospital and dental clinic, revolutionized their agricultural system, and provided universal immunization to over 30,000 children living in Guatemala.

In 1991, Dr. Harris Done (Class of 1964, USC School of Dentistry), commenced an even larger outreach program in Southern California in partnership with the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. Throughout its history, AYUDA has provided dental care to over 210,000 children.


Ongoing and User Campaigns


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