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Empyrean Gate Fundraiser

A large-scale, interactive, public art installation by Entheos @ Burning Man
Ongoing Event

$164,250 Raised

Our fundraising goal has been reached! Thank you for all of your support.

The Empyrean Gate

To our ancestors, the Empyrean was well known as “the highest heaven”. It was comprised of æther—or fire—and thought to be made of celestial beings made of pure light—the source of all creation. Derived from the Ancient Greek Empyros (ἔμπυρος), Empyrean means, “in the fire”, from which fire springs the birth, and rebirth, of all life.

The concept of Entheos—or “the god within”—puts the power of Empyrean creation into human minds and bodies. It endows each of us with the capacity for self-authorship: in the creation (or re-creation) of self, and of community. As a global collective of makers, healers, artists, cultivators and scientists devoted to exploring and harnessing human potential, in both expression and transformation, Entheos is—first and foremost—a place of birth, and rebirth. It is a community devoted wholeheartedly to human thriving.

A radical self-expression of our ethos, Entheos has proposed the creation of a large-scale, interactive, public art installation called the Empyrean Gate. It will welcome Black Rock City citizens to a civic plaza located at Entheos with a sixty-foot shade structure lofted twenty-one feet in the air, with a thirteen-foot…

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James "Logistic" Tramel
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