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Interested in making a difference in our community and beyond? Together we can make a greater impact. We invite you to find out more about all that we do. Connect, socialize, develop lasting friendships and create positive impacts in our community and the world. Find out what Service Above Self is all about.

At the Rotary Club of Carlsbad we are always working to better the lives of people in our community. Things change, sometimes daily, as to what is most urgently needed.  Donating to this general fund allows us to direct donations supporting our community needs as they evolve.  Did a nonprofit get funding suddenly for a particular item? Did they get restricted donations to only be used for a certain criteria?  Our club's general fund allows us to step up and fill any gaps that are needed.  Sometimes these are as basic as hygiene kit items and food.  If you'd like to donate to our general fund, allowing us to respond to our community in need, then please click the 'donate' now button above.  Thank you! 


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Malena Bennett

Member Since 2023
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Rachael Hopkins

Member Since 2023
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Griff Lewis

Member Since 2023
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Elaine M Nielsen

Member Since 2023
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Roy Meenes

Member Since 2023
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Mary Meigs

Member Since 2023
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Joseph Ramirez

Member Since 2023
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Jeffrey Schafer

Member Since 2023
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Frank Silva

Member Since 2023
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Kasia Trojanowska

Member Since 2023
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David Tweedy

Member Since 2023
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Dawn Van Siclen

Member Since 2023


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