Rotary Club of Fort Yuma

Rotary Club of Fort Yuma   

Service Above Self
Philanthropy & Volunteerism | Yuma, AZ

Fort Yuma Rotary is a service club that puts the Rotary International motto, "Service Above Self" to work in our community and around the world. We work hard all year to raise funds that go directly back into the community through local college scholarships, elementary literacy programs, providing food for the hungry and so much more. We keep our youth involved in community service with two local high school Interact Clubs and provide much needed funding for several very worthy organizations here in Yuma. There are over 65 different personalities in our club all coming together for a good cause which makes each project we do fun and exciting for everyone involved. You may know us through our annual Mardi Gras Block Party, or our yearly Child Shopping Spree event, which outfits local less fortunate children each year with new clothes just in time to go back to school.    


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Board Members

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Clarissa Anderson

Member Since 2022
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Annie Clary

Executive Director
Member Since 2022
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Josh Finkbeiner

Member Since 2022
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Darlene Firestone

Member Since 2022
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Juan Guzman

Member Since 2022
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Leslie Mc Clendon

Member Since 2022
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Russell Mc Cloud

Co-Owner Acccurate Automotive Attention
Member Since 2022
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Laurie Ramos

Member Since 2022
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Kevin Smith

Member Since 2022
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Wendy Steward

Member Since 2022

Honorary Members

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David Carvell

Member Since 2022
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Karen Griffin

Member Since 2022
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Mark Hansberger

Member Since 2022
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Clayton Hasty

Member Since 2022
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James L. Hewlett

Member Since 2022
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Ray Lagunas

Member Since 2022
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Ezequiel Lopez

Member Since 2022
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Daniel Antonio Montoya

Member Since 2022
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Brad Sackrider

Member Since 2022
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Cullum Smith

Member Since 2022
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Jeff Tatar

Member Since 2022
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Guillermo Zendejas

Member Since 2022


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Sonja Grimaldi

Member Since 2022
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Annette Lagunas

Member Since 2022
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Jeffrey B. Polston

Member Since 2022
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Tom Rush

Member Since 2022
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Kari Tatar

Member Since 2022
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Lori Vandersloot

Member Since 2022


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EIN: 866052778
PO Box 1378, Yuma, AZ, 85366, US