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Who We Are

We are an unbiased, apolitical voter resource. We help you find your "Political Match" with our CandidateMatchmaker – a mix of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and politics. 

Try our CandidateMatchmaker here

Together we can change how you find political candidates and and ultimately, we can change the country and world for the better. Better leadership leads to better outcomes! 

Being unbiased is everything! Unlike any other data source we can find, we will tell you who we voted for and how we mitigate our own biases so they don't affect your choices! 

Stop getting "catfished by your candidate" and "setup" by your friends, your family, your party, or your news bubble. 

No more blind votes! No more election-night stands!

Our Tools

Currently Live:

CandidateMatchmaker: Launched in early 2020. Our team has turned over 3800 hours of boring research into 4 minutes of fair, fast, & fun political analysis; all with the familiar feel of a dating app. It's like Hinge for politics (but please don't delete us).

Find your Political Match! Try our Candidate Matchmaker here

Coming soon (depending on YOUR support):

BubblePopper: Our team is currently building a newsfeed with our partners that provides unbiased news filtering.

MoneyMatrix: Our campaign finance visualization tool.

CandidateSnapshot: A live feed of any candidate's entire social media presence.

TradeoffVisualizer: Imagine being in charge of everything and seeing how your policy choices could impact the country.

MoneyPrimary: Think kickstarter, but for campaigns.

And... we are developing a way for you to vote EVERYDAY...just'll see!

Why Donate?

We are a civic-tech nonprofit startup with over 40 people all working unpaid out of love of country and frustration with the system. We rely entirely on YOUR donations to fund our efforts.

Every dollar we raise helps more voters gain access to the CandidateMatchmaker and provides us with the capital to build additional voter tools. 

In addition to acquiring users and building more tools, your donations will allow us to survive until the 2022 election when we can add far more local candidates than the ones we offer now (President, Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives).

If you can't donate, please share our CandidateMatchmaker with everyone you think it could help and follow and share us on your social media. @VotingSmarter  #NoBlindVotes


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