Givsum is for Businesses...

Establish a Positive Presence

(In Development)

A charitable policy can enhance the reputation of your brand or company, while at the same time improving the quality of life in communities where you do business.

Engage Employees

(In Development)

A commitment to charity facilitates efforts to recruit and retain talented employees. By using Givsum, you provide your employees with an interactive tool that encourages participation and satisfaction with their community involvement.

Efficiently Administer Your Charitable Policy

(In Development)

By using Givsum’s Charitable Policy Builder℠, Givsum will automatically confirm compliance with your charitable policy whenever your employees volunteer their time or make donations.

Analytics and Reporting

(In Development)

Receive the metrics necessary to measure the impact of your charitable policy and evaluate its financial return. Understand the economic benefits of your charitable policy and its power to alleviate social problems and enhance communities.

Market the Goodwill Created by Your Charitable Policy

(In Development)

By promoting your Givsum Score, you can share how your charitable policy is impacting communities, which can improve your competitive position and enhance your financial performance.

Number of employees:

Monthly cost:


Annual cost:


Tiered Pricing

(Subject to change)

For your first 20 employees you only pay $20/month. Each employee after that costs an additional $1.00 up to 100 employees. Then each employee beyond the first 100 only costs $0.50 and so on. Use our calculator below to see exactly what Givsum will cost your company.

Number of Employees Price per Employee Cost/month
0 - 20 Included $20
21 - 100 $1.00 $11.00 - $100
101 - 500 $0.50 $100.50 - $300
501 - 1500 $0.35 $300.35 - $650
1501 - 5000 $0.20 $650.20 - $1350
5001 + $0.10 $1350.10 +