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Memory Glass Storage: The Future is Now

October 23, 2019
5:00PM – 8:00PM PDT
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The Holy Grail of computer memory has been; the speed of DRAM with infinite data retention without power, no degradation, and more cost effective than existing DRAM. Sound impossible? Memory Class Storage is coming and will change the future of all electronic devices, from IoT through Artificial Intelligence.


There will only be 26 seats available.


New Technology
Since 1971 the computer industry has used DRAM as the foundation of computing systems, however the D in DRAM stands for “dynamic”; – upon power failure, data is lost forever. As a result, decades of computer system designs have centered around ways to make data persistent. From magnetic tape to hard drive to SSD to NVMe, and more recently to NVDIMMs (such as the Intel Optane), data persistence has moved closer to the CPU. However, systems remain dependent on DRAM and the risk of data loss.

Memory Class Storage is an emerging technology that promises to finally displace DRAM as the Memory Class Sto foundation of system design. Decades of research on non-volatile alternatives such as carbon nanotubes, phase change materials, magnetic compounds, and resistive filaments is resulting in a new class of memory devices with…

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