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Technology has created a sizable economy but not everybody participates in this economic gain. Yet we know that larger availability of technically savvy workforce will equate to safer products and better services to consumers.

So, it is to all our benefit to encourage more people to participate in technology, and yet there remains a shortage in qualified labor force in technology industries. If we are to fill this gap, we need to help those who have the basic qualifications and are willing to work hard to better their personal economic situation. 

The BRDG organization provides a bridge program focused on 3rd year under-represented engineering students through graduation with their BS degrees. Each student will be:

  • paired with a mentor who will help them navigate the do’s and don’ts of a professional life

  • provided with a stipend at $ 240 per week, 40 weeks per year  

  • assisted in obtaining summer internship with technology-related companies

  • required to participate in social enhancement programs designed to ensure that students get exposure to professional soft skills that are crucial for success and advancement

 The basic idea is to provide “under-represented” students, who have missed stories and lessons from participating in a professional family’s dinner time discussions, an opportunity to catch up during their college years.

The ultimate goal is to generate a pool of diverse, well rounded and socially aware future leaders available for employment within technology industries.


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