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Period Packing Party

Menstrual Hygiene Bag Sewing and Packing Event
May 13, 2023
8:00AM – 3:00PM MST

This isn't your average menstrual hygiene supply paper bag event... We'll be sewing the bags before filling them with supplies!

Don't worry if you don't have any sewing skills!! There will be plenty of cutting and pinning to do. Our goal is to sew 300 small bags to fill with menstrual hygiene products so that we can deliver them to local middle schools.

Do you remember being young and needing some supplies? It's embarrassing enough to have to ask, but then you leave the nurse's office with a paper bag or worse, no bag!  Help these young ladies save face and also have a cute little bag to keep their supplies in the future.

Please Click Here to sign up!

We'll need about 5 sewing machines and 5 people who know how to work a sewing machine.
We'll need up to 20-30 volunteers to come throughout the day to help.
Some people will be around all day and you can come when you can, if you can't make it at 8 for the start of the morning shift, then come any time! 
There will be snacks but no formal lunch so plan ahead!
Family Friendly! 

Please choose a shift on this sign up genius so we can have a general idea of when you're coming: Click Here

Are you coming straight from St Luke's Food Pantry? We'll be

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