Phoenix Rotary 100 Sleep Cubbies Project
Ongoing Event

A new way to sleep safely off of the streets…

Sleep Cubbies are a new concept for homeless emergency shelters. 

What makes Rotary Sleep Cubbies unique is their ability to provide a heated/cooled, soundproof, dark, secure and safe location all in one. They use hotel-style RFID locking devices, providing a person the peace of mind knowing that they and their possessions are safe from the outside world for the night (or day) while they sleep, and a place to call home while they seek work, attend a job, or access social services. They are movable so that when areas have great need, they can be quickly redeployed. Individuals can arrange to use the cubbies to sleep and store their belongings for several months while they are working their way back into a self-sufficient housing situation.  

Tax ID: 866057676