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PolioPlus is the most ambitious program in Rotary’s history. In the Global Polio Eradication Initiative it is the volunteer arm. Rotary has led the private sector to rid the world of this crippling disease for over 30 years. PolioPlus is recognized worldwide as a model of public-private cooperation in pursuit of a humanitarian goal. 


To end polio, we must stop transmission of the virus in the three countries where it remains endemic: AfghanistanNigeria, and Pakistan. We must also keep all other countries polio-free until we're certain it won't resurface. Up to 60 high-risk countries still operate large-scale immunization campaigns to protect children against polio.  

Polio Global Eradication Initiative

The goal of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is to complete the eradication and containment of all: - Wild polio viruses- Vaccine-related polio viruses- Sabin polio viruses,



Lois Koch
Fundraising Chair

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