Art and Creativity for Healing Inc.
Art and Creativity for Healing Inc.   
Performing & Visual Arts | Laguna Hills, CA |


Our mission is to support emotional healing through art & creative expression for those living with abuse, critical illness, military service, homelessness and grief.

Who We Are

Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc. is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency Located in Laguna Hills, California. We began as a small program to teach children and adults how to use the language of color as a way to communicate feelings they simply can’t express with words. We have grown to serve 50,000 children, families and adults each year. Founder, Laurie Zagon, created the Zagon Method, a guided means to explore, express and process pain using paint on canvas.

We offer unique classes and workshops for abused women, injured veterans and their families, critically ill children, and homeless families to process the pain of difficult life’s circumstances through art and creativity. We also partner with causes, agencies and organizations that work to improve their lives by integrating our programs and augmenting their support services.

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