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The Children’s Bureau mission is to help children succeed and excel at leading happy, healthy, productive lives through a combination of prevention, treatment, research and advocacy. Children’s Bureau is committed to providing vulnerable children — especially in the early years — the foundation necessary to become caring and productive adults by:

    • Preventing child abuse and neglect both at home and in the community;
    • Protecting, nurturing and treating abused children;
    • Enhancing the potential of families and communities to meet the needs of their children by bringing them together to create safe and secure environments;
    • Advancing the welfare of children and families through superior programs in foster care, adoptions, child development, parent education, mental health, research and advocacy. 


The Children’s Bureau vision is to significantly change the lives of at-risk children by providing state-of-the-art child abuse prevention and treatment services. While increasing the scope, depth and volume of services, we will engage in continuous discovery through research to determine and implement what works and be a passionate advocate on behalf of children and families. By providing the services we do, spreading information, and being a dedicated advocate, our aim is to give children and their families every opportunity to build and live in a nurturing and safe environment.

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