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Welcome to the Double Secret Project

We believe in treating people like people, not billable hours.  Radically transforming Los Angeles' mental health system and the way in which services are provided to our community members experiencing homelessness.  We are here for "whatever it takes" to build a better system for us all! 

Built out of frustration from working within the current fragmented mental health and homeless services systems, our team believes in doing things differently.  As respected providers within the community with expertise in providing intensive supportive services, we have seen the cracks and know what it takes to stop people from falling through them.

This is the next step...

Solutions with Powerful Impact


Coordinated mental and physical health care from Doctors, Licensed Psychiatric Technicians, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Social Workers, Substance Use Counselors, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners, and Mental Health Recovery Specialists.


Housing Navigators and Retention Specialists address complex housing needs and provide support during the critical time of transition into housing.  Assisting with "document readiness," applications for housing, unit searches, and maintaining housing long-term. ​


Intensive Case Management Specialists and Peer Supporters reduce community barriers to improve access to resources.  Providing emotional support, mentorship, employment readiness, and assisting in the discovery of meaningful roles.

Communities Come First


Instead of operating out of a clinic, our highly mobile team provides services directly on our streets where they are needed most and continues to support people after they move into housing.  Significantly reducing the barriers of access to health care ​while providing ongoing customized and coordinated support to maximize stability long-term.

24/7 Support

Recognizing that crises do not always happen during regular business hours, our team has a 24/7 on-call number and staff to respond to emergency situations.  Coordinating incoming referrals from first responders and helping to ensure proper discharge planning from emergency room care.

Truly Recovery-Oriented

Utilizing evidence-based practices, our services are centered on the person to build upon their strengths and resilience.  Integrating with the community to achieve improved health, wellness, and quality of life.  Meeting people where they are on the recovery spectrum; we embody the platinum rule: "Treat people the way that they would like to be treated." 


Los Angeles' homelessness crisis is a decades-old issue and each person has unique needs.  Our team bridges the gaps people often fall through by providing multidisciplinary services for as long as a person needs them.  Adapting recovery plans to meet their evolving goals as they transition from the streets into housing.



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General Info

Garrett Dunbar
Founder/Exec. Dir.

EIN: 475352644
24818 Eshelman Ave, Apt 30, Lomita, CA, 90717, US