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Who We Are

Entheos is an active, global community of makers, healers, artists, thinkers, organizers and leaders from all walks of life. We have gathered around our common interest in the exploration of healing trauma, raising consciousness and manifesting creativity to sculpt a new way of living in the world. Many of us actively participate in shamanic healing communities, work in medical and psychological research, facilitate intimate experience with sacred medicine and are active leaders in exploring the evolution of consciousness.

Entheos Defined

Entheos is a Burning Man theme camp focused on art, creativity and spiritual exploration. Entheos (ἔνθεος, as it is written in Greek) is a word which means, literally, "the god within." It is the root of the English word "enthusiasm.” Entheos seeks to fully engage participants in Body, Mind and Spirit through artistic creativity, intellectual inquiry and soulful exploration. By Entheos we are not referencing a particular faith or creed, rather we are pointing to a universal and personal experience of the sacred which we believe is most clearly recognized  when we gather as a community with creative intention. This idea is the guiding light of the Entheos theme camp at Burning Man, where together artists, artisans, and other camp members we build an interactive space of creativity through art, ritual, music, dance, fire, story, food and community where others may discover and contribute their own ἔνθεος. While founded in the US, the Entheos Community now has over 600 members in 35 countries. All of the installations, facilities, and activities described below are free and open to all in Black Rock City.


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