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Our Story

Mariposa Women & Family Center is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in women's health issues. These include counseling, mental health, drug and alcohol support, domestic violence, community workshops, and professional training. Since our inception, we have been passionate about improving the health of our local communities through the well being of women, their children, and their families.

At Mariposa, we offer therapy services to more than 2,200 women each year. We are one of the only women-specific substance abuse treatment programs in Orange County. We believe it is critically important to offer women-specific substance abuse treatment programs because women with a history of trauma or abuse are more likely to recover in gender-specific treatment programs that address these factors.

More often than not, women’s addiction comes with complicating factors such as mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, or trauma. Our counselors at are professional, caring women who take an integrated approach to treatment by addressing all interrelated issues with appropriate therapies and services.


Mariposa’s story is one of growth and evolution. Founded in 1977 by Fran McGowan, she saw a need for gender-specific alcohol abuse treatment for women; Mariposa staff quickly recognized the link between substance abuse and mental health, and soon added gender-specific mental health care to tackle these often-linked challenges for the women of Orange County.

Over its many years of service, Mariposa has diversified its counseling program to include services for the whole family. Today, Mariposa is considered to be a trusted source for counseling and therapy in Orange County and is working to become a leading organization in mental health services for the region.


Our Mission

Mariposa Women & Family Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women and families in Orange County by providing high quality, specialized therapy services.


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