Pay It Forward Media Org
Pay It Forward Media Org   
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Pay It Forward Media (PIFM) creates and delivers media products to charitable organizations and nonprofit community events by utilizing the creative and technical talents of at-risk youth.

Established as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization in 2012, Pay It Forward Media (PIFM) was founded on a passion for media production and broadcast journalism and a calling to give back to youth and the community. As the primary project partner, PIFM has two central missions:

  1. Educate, mentor, guide and subsequently provide career opportunities and internships to underserved and at-risk (and special needs youth in separate programs) youth across a range of media platforms that have practical applications to the real world, and
  2. Assist the community by donating free media support to local non-profit organizations to help them prosper. 

PIFM provides programs that enable learning and true-life experiences and relationships with the community. PIFM creates a Career Advancement Channel that cultivates skills and exposes youth to the Media Industry Professionals so they can better compete to obtain Internships and Jobs in the Media World.  PIFM assists youth in acquiring Media knowledge and skills, while providing a service to the community, and after graduation, they have potential to become employed as mentors to new youth, who will acquire Media knowledge and skills, while providing a service to the community, and just like that, the amazing greatness loops back time and time again, paying it forward along the way.  


Pay It Forward Media Org EIN: 461859317
10130-116 Wateridge Cir, San Diego, CA, 92121-5767