Reducing Cancer Disparity

Reducing Cancer Disparity   

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Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) is establishing a program offering comprehensive molecular profiling (DNA+RNA) testing to patients with cancer who are affected by cancer disparity and unable to pay due to lack of coverage of this type of testing.  Testing is provided at no cost to these patients and funded through our donation program.


What is cancer disparity?


Cancer affects racial, ethnic, and social groups differently.  Ethnic and racial minorities, impoverished people, sexual and gender minorities (LGBT+) are typically affected more negatively with cancer.  The basis for this disparity is often late detection of cancer, poor access to precision medicine, not included in clinical trials and not adequately evaluated for potential difference in the biology of their cancer.

How can this program help reduce disparity? 

GTC molecular profiling will provide the treating physician and patient with proper diagnosis and classification of the tumor, help in determining prognosis, selecting therapy and in developing a strategy for treatment that is specific for the patient.

The molecular profiling report provides information regarding potential clinical trials that will help the patients evaluate their options to participate and be treated on these clinical trials.

Participation in this program will increase access to those underserved and reduce disparity within our community cancer care.

In addition, the data generated from this program will be de-identified and shared with various academic and scientific groups for the purpose of developing more personalized cancer treatment for each group of patients.



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