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Rotary District 5495   

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Club Admin Information for Posting "Week of Service" Projects

The following video, simple steps, and FAQs are here to assist District 5495 Club Admins in posting your service projects on Givsum.  All projects are FREE to post.  If you need more project pages, simply click the "Duplicate" button under the "Admin Tools."

Simple Steps to Get Started

#1. Login to - 1) Forgot your password?  Click "Reset Password" from the Log In page.  Follow prompts from the email received.  2) You created a new account and were notified that your account already exists?  Go to the Log In page and click "Reset Password."  Follow prompts from the email received. 

#2. Toggle to Your Club -  If you have admin access to your club, it will show up under your name when you log in.  Click your club name to toggle to the club dashboard. Don't see your club?  Click the chat button on the bottom right and request admin permission/access.

#3. Scroll Down to Your Sample Service Project and Click "Edit" - If you previously edited your sample project and would like to add a new project or multiple projects, you can do so by clicking "Admin Tools" then "Duplicate."  Click the chat for help if you can't find your club's sample project.   

#4 . Update the Service Project Details and Click "Save" - The edit tool will take you through a series of questions.   You'll want to update the name of the project, the project date(s), location, description, and primary contact.  Turn on the volunteer toggle if you are seeking volunteers. Click "Save" once your updates are complete.  You can return to edit the project as many times as necessary. 

#5. Manage Your Project from the Summary Page - From the "Admin Tools" click "Summary" to review and accept volunteers, update the volunteer desk, log/accept volunteer hours, and download csv reports. 


Where can I watch more Givsum "How To" videos.

Check out the Givsum "Success Academy!"

Is it FREE to post projects for the District 5495 "Week of Service?"

Yes, clubs can post as many projects as they want for the District 5495 "Week of Service."  However, posting projects must be done by "Editing" the sample project, or "Duplicating" an existing project.   The Standard "Create" button has been disabled and can only be turned on with the purchase of a Standard subscription.    

What is the fastest way to receive customer success assistance?

Click the chat button on the bottom right corner.   

What if I don't see my club's project showing up on the District "Week of Service" page. 

Make sure you have District 5495 selected to co-market the project from the "Additional Details" section of the editor.  If you don't see the District name, then type 5495 and select the District to add it.  Once saved, the District will be notified to accept the project. 

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