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Charities and Service Clubs

Nonprofits of all kinds get the best of both worlds on Givsum: a convenient online management platform and a community of supporters that want to help accomplish your mission.
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Create a fundraising page in minutes, sell tickets to events, track donor behavior and manage volunteers all in one place.
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Generate unique datasets that provide valuable insight that will improve campaigns, optimize outreach plans, and attract new donors and volunteers.
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Gain access to an new supporters so you can hit the ground running on fundraising and recruiting volunteers.
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Givsum’s platform includes the following software features:
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fundraising events
Create, promote, and sell tickets to your events
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manage memberships
Create, recruit, invoice, sell and manage memberships
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create emails & surveys
Generate impactful messages and better understand your supporters
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peer to peer giving
Allow supporters to fundraise on behalf of your organization
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create fundraising campaigns
Share your campaign through social media
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embeddable widgets
You can be promoted from any website
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raise awareness & coordinate volunteers
Reach an audience looking for ways to help
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manage supporter data
Easy to use CRM
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generate reports
Make sense of your most important metrics
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Find out how Givsum’s platform helped a Rotary organization mobilize more than 800 volunteers in three days to help their local hospitals respond to the growing COVID-19 pandemic
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