Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County   

Hunger and Poverty Prevention | Irvine, CA |

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To end hunger in Orange County.

Strategy Statement 
Second Harvest Food Bank reaches out to the community for donations, grants, fundraising, food drives, food rescue, harvesting, and volunteers to help provide food, education and advocacy for the hungry. We are committed to finding innovative, sustainable ways to end hunger in Orange County.

Founded by the Council of Orange, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Second Harvest began providing food for the hungry in October 1983 in Orange, under the leadership of Dan Harney. In 2007, Second Harvest moved to a new facility in Irvine on the old El Toro Marine Base, more than doubling its capacity to meet the needs of Orange County's hungry during the most difficult economic times since the Great Depression. In 2012, Second Harvest became an independent 501c3 corporation. Since its founding, Second Harvest has provided more than 350 million pounds of donated and surplus food to local charities or the equivalent of 291 million meals. 

Community Partners 
Second Harvest partners with more than 320 member charities who feed the hungry in more than 440 locations throughout Orange County, including church pantries, shelters, senior centers, after school programs, and homes for abused women and children.

In partnership with more than 320 member charities, Second Harvest helps feed more than 200,000 individuals each month. Those served include the working poor, children, seniors on fixed incomes, single parents, the disabled, the homeless and individuals experiencing medical emergencies or recent job layoffs.

Food Sources 
The primary work of the Food Bank is acquiring and distributing donated and surplus food. Food sources include local grocery stores and supermarket chains, food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants, trade shows, harvesting efforts, food drives, the government, and private individuals. Need food? Email us at or call 949-653-2900. We will need your location in order to direct you to a nearby agency.  

More than 90 cents of every dollar is spent directly on our hunger relief programs.

Second Harvest has not yet activated their merchant account with Givsum. Your donation will go to the GIVSUM Foundation who will issue a check to Second Harvest ( less applicable fees ) as a grant within 30 days. You will get a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation from the GIVSUM Foundation, which you may use for your tax purposes.


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