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The Sol Collective is a non-profit organization comprised of sustainability professionals driven to promote economic and social prosperity through clean energy. Created in 2017, The Sol Collective’s intention is to unite like-minded professionals to use their expertise to provide a brighter future for underdeveloped communities around the world. The organization’s aim is to create a collaborative approach to bring together individuals from across the cleantech industry, resulting in many years of experience and a wide variety of expertise. Professional backgrounds in renewable energy range from marketing, to system design and development, to project management and construction.


The Sol Collective sets out to develop community relationships, create partnerships with other social change organizations, and facilitate sustainable energy projects and programs in communities disadvantaged by limited resources. Working in collaboration with the local communities, The Sol Collective will provide education and training to deepen their knowledge and ability to operate and maintain renewable energy systems of their own.


Our Mission

Uniting professionals to develop secure and sustainable energy systems in underserved communities.


Our Vision

A world where everyone has access to a clean energy future.



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The Sol Collective

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