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Women Helping Women/Men2Work   

Philanthropy & Volunteerism | Santa Ana, CA

Our Mission

WHW is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing the unemployed and the underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job.  Since 1993, WHW has served over 70,000 job seekers referred by over 275 partner agencies at no charge.  Each year more than 8,000 job seekers participate in programs focused on equipping them to be the most marketable candidate for the job they seek. WHW envisions a day when every person in Orange County who wants to work enjoys gainful employment!

 The Problem

According to the Orange County United Way, the four biggest issues facing Orange County are:

  • Stable Housing – 32,000 Orange County school-age children are homeless
  • Sustainable Income – 300,000 Orange County residents don’t know where their next meal is coming from
  • Healthcare – 1 in 4 Orange County residents live in poverty with no healthcare
  • Education – 4,000 Orange County students drop out of school every year


WHW’s Solution

A good job is more than a paycheck.  It is essential to creating a stable, safe and educated community.  And for many, it is a lifeline.

With a good job families can afford safe housing; they can have access to quality healthcare; they can provide healthy meals to their children and teens can stay in school to get a good education, rather than dropping out and going to work to help support their families.  A good job is not the solution to every problem in our society, but a good job is the solution to many of them.  And WHW is proud to be part of that solution.

Our job seekers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including survivors of domestic violence who are trying to put their lives back together; veterans attempting to transition into civilian life; at-risk youth looking for jobs as a way off the streets… and your neighbors, your brother or your aunt or your child who may be facing unemployment for the very first time.

The return on the investment of those who partner with us is impactful.  With over 1,000 volunteers who contribute more than 25,000 hours of service every year and 91 cents of every dollar donated going directly to our programs and services, nearly 68% of our job seekers obtain a good job and 90% of those keep that job, which increases their household income by 150%.

A good job changes everything!

WHW has not yet activated their merchant account with Givsum. Your donation will go to the GIVSUM Foundation who will issue a check to WHW ( less applicable fees ) as a grant within 30 days. You will get a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation from the GIVSUM Foundation, which you may use for your tax purposes.


Ongoing and User Campaigns


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