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The Rotary Club of Woodland Hills grew from a club sponsored by the Tar- zana club in 1947. At that time Bob Myers of Tarzana appointed a Rotary Club for the west end of the San Fernando Valley due to the scarcity of eligible business and professional men available for membership in the area. Woodland Hills and Canoga Park were combined after this time.

The club was listed internationally as the Canoga Park Club in the valley, and it was known as the Canoga Park - Woodland Hills Rotary Club. For seven years the Club’s meeting place was the Woodland Hills Country Club. By 1956 the area could support two clubs and a separation took place. In the late spring of 1958 the Woodland Hills Rotary Club, No. 9024 of District 160 - B, was chartered.

A charter party and installation was held at the Woodland Hills Country Club on the evening of May 11, 1956.The first officers were Hugh Harlan, President Oliver L. Stockton; Vice President, Murry Leiman; Secretary; and A. C. Schaefer, Treasurer. The board members were Alden Holmes, J. F. McHam, Stanley G. Oswald and Arthur N. Whizin. Other members were B. W. Baker, George A. Burns, Nicholas A. Buzolich, John E. Ely, Nicholas A. Evalenko, James Harper, Edward C. Harris, Edward Kwong, John H.Patterson D. O., Marvin E. Thorpe, James C. Weldon, and Floyd Weston. Honorary members were Charles A. Newton,+ one of the two surviving members of Rotary’s founders, Chicago Club No. 1, and Harry M. Warner, resident of Woodland Hills and founder of Warner Brothers Studios.

These honorary members were brought into the Canoga Park - Woodland Hills club by Alden Holmes when he was president in 1953 - 1954. From this beginning the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills has become one of the most active and award winning clubs in the District.


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