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The Gen Next Foundation works to create opportunities and confront challenges that face future generations in the areas of education, economic opportunity, and global security.  We aspire to solve the greatest generational challenges of our time using a unique hybrid of private sector and non-profit business models – called a venture philanthropy model.

Our Issues:  Education, Economic Opportunity & Global Security


Public education is in crisis at a time when global competition is fierce. The ability of future generations to compete and succeed globally hinges on education at all levels primary, secondary, and advanced. Access to quality, enriching education is necessary to give young people the skills, knowledge, and creative experiences they need to pursue great opportunities and achieve long-term success.

We believe our ability to grow our economy and innovate relies upon a great education system, and we must optimize the quality and accessibility of educational experiences for everyone. Change and results are best realized through increasing competition, accountability, and transparency.

Economic Opportunity

To ensure economic growth and opportunity for future generations, we must promote ideas and policies that made the United States as successful as it is today. Creating opportunities for success requires a thriving free-enterprise economy that provides jobs, encourages innovation, and rewards an entrepreneurial, competitive spirit.

We support policies and programs that encourage economic expansion, ensuring future generations have equal, or better, access to opportunities that we have today. Whether supporting pro-business policies or decreasing government interference and taxes, we strongly believe that increased market freedom strengthens the economy.

Global Security

Without a stable, safe environment to grow up in, future generations have far less of a chance to achieve their dreams. Overcoming 21st century challenges demand that our nation’s defense apparatus is the most funded, versatile, well trained, respected, and effective in the world.

We must prioritize diplomacy, and present a positive image of the US in the world. By observing trends in instability, violence, and extremism, both in our own neighborhoods and around the globe, we can better understand the roots of these problems, and develop solutions to solve them through community, technology, and other innovative methods.

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