Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada

Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada   

We Get Unemployed People Jobs!
Las Vegas, NV |

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To reduce the impact of poverty on people, families, and our community by helping Southern Nevadans get jobs with local employers and Goodwill.


A thriving Southern Nevada community where every person who wants to work is employed and able to reach their full potential.


For over 100 years, Goodwill’s all over our country have fought to end unemployment. We are driven to succeed, because jobs matter to people, families, our community, and our economy more than you might have ever imagined.

Jobs help break the cycle of poverty. 

Goodwill provides a hand up, not a handout, by preparing job seekers for sustained meaningful employment, helping them become self-reliant and upwardly mobile at work and in life.

Jobs help cure homelessness, hunger, addiction, crime and more.

When people work, they are less likely to require assistance, which allows our nonprofit community partners to focus on serving those who need them most.

Jobs are a major ingredient in stable, happy, healthy families. 

Recent studies* concluded that the negative consequences of losing a job extend far beyond the individual and destabilize families.

*(Source: Urban Institute – How Does Unemployment Affect Family Arrangement for Children, August 2014)

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