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Why Words for Charity?

We figured if you can run, bike or walk for charity, why not read and write for one?
So we created Words For Charity - the only place where you can publish or buy a short story knowing that your contribution will benefit one of our highly vetted US charities.

If you're a writer, it's the place to get published and validated by our esteemed literary ambassadors.
If you're a reader, it's the place to savor fresh stories written by new writers and culled by creative writing professionals.

The first creative content marketplace operated by Publish for Charity (a not for profit 501c3 corporation) Words for Charity is the home of the "give back buzz".

All operating equipment, web design & administration costs for Words for Charity are donated by a private company, Ready Set Sales, LLC.

All funds collected for transactions on this site are distributed to the assigned charities on a quarterly basis.

Our board or any other person involved in the development or promotion of this site does not receive any compensation.

What happens to the funds when I donate for a Publish for Charity story?

Publish for Charity is our own Charity Foundation and can be selected as a beneficiary of donations for your stories.

All funds assigned to Publish for Charity are used to create awareness for both the artistic endeavors and charitable causes that Publish for Charity supports, through scholarships, grants and direct giving.

None of these monies go to operating costs or to any individuals involved or serving on the Board.

How do we select the charities for Words for Charity?

Words for Charity carefully selects charities that represent a cross spectrum of the needs that affect our everyday lives.

Each charity has been vetted with a threshold of returning more than 90% of their donations to those individuals who require that charities assistance.

All charities have been chosen carefully by Words for Charity representatives who have had personal involvement through volunteering or giving with the charities.

What is a Words for Charity Partner?

Select charities that appear on our site are designated a Words for Charity partner.

We select organizations that are regional in nature working on growing a national footprint. Working together we can bring awareness to both their unique structure and goals thru social media and promotional avenues.

To learn more on becoming a charity partner feel free to call our Executive Director, Jay Prenta @ 847-241-1611


Ongoing and User Campaigns


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Jay Prenta
Founder & Director

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